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Mission and Vision

At Corntech Ltd. We strive for an environmentally conscious, sustainable future. Our mission is to create a new experience through cutting edge innovation. Extensive research over the last decade, drives every decision we make.

Today we specialize in the manufacturing and development of high-tech Polylactic Acid products. Our Unique patented production equipment allows us to deliver a quality driven user experience and protect the planet.

Our dream is to bring a healthy sustainable experience to consumers today, without costing future generations.

We believe true environmental protection should be as follow:


Innovative technology based on natural green plants and in a way that will last indefinitely into the future to meet society needs without destroying or consuming natural resources. In short, it is the premise that it can meet the needs of current daily life without harming future generations.


Development of new technologies. Facts have proved that fossil fuels or chemical-intensive agriculture can harm our health and the environment.


Establish a center for economic activities around technologies and products that are beneficial to the environment, speed up their implementation, and create a new mission to truly protect the planet.

What We Offer

State of the Art Equipment

State of the art production equipment for PLA including Bottle Blowing and Blister forming Machines

Custom Mould

Customised Moulds to design your products

High Quality Bioplastic

Used in Injection Molding, Blister Molding, Bottle Blowing, Film Blowing, manufacturing Straws etc.


In the form of both Yarn and Fabric

Non-Woven PLA

In the form of roll goods and paper, Especially in medical fields given its high tensile strength and anti-bacterial properties.